Merano and the surrounding area is perfect for climbing… as you hang from the rugged cliff faces, you’ll experience the area from a completely new perspective. The numerous climbing gardens surrounding Lagundo are a true paradise for climbing enthusiasts. The Mediterranean temperatures in the spring and the mostly mild winter make it possible to climb here for almost the entire year.
For the especially courageous climbers, who would prefer to scale the boulders, cliff faces or artificial climbing walls without the use of ropes and belts, the Lagundo Outdoor Boulder Area, one of the largest boulder areas in South Tyrol, is of particular interest. This facility is incredibly popular with younger climbers.

The climbing garden near Juval Castle in nearby Naturno also specifically caters for families with children. Here, at the castle owned by extreme mountaineering legend, Reinhold Messner, climbing fans can test their mettle against climbs ranging from a fine 3 to an impressive 8a on the difficulty scale. The many different difficulty levels and the warm hangs on the sunny Naturno mountain make this the perfect climbing day out.